Monday, February 1, 2016

Month in Review - January 2016

During Black Friday 2015 I picked up a PlayStation 4 and I finally got a chance to catch up on the massive log of PlayStation Plus games.

Here are the games that I played in January 2016:

Samurai Warriors 4 for PlayStation 4
I only played the first one and due to how infrequent these came out and if I remember correctly that one of them only came out on the Wii (which I never owned), I finally got to play this series again on PlayStation 4. Hack and slash game where you can kill thousands of enemies in ONE battle. There are minor changes from what I recall from the original. Chronicle mode is new where you create your own character and create your own destiny. It was fun while it lasted for me. I'm not sure I will go back to it. I found that I didn't really create that much for the characters back story after reading a few.

Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China for PlayStation 4
I walked into this with an open mind thinking that since it looked like mark of the ninja it would be good and it turned out to be okay. Not up to my expectations based on what I expected but it isn't bad. Story really isn't there to add to the assassins creed lore though so I'm not sure why the title was shoehorned into it.

The Swindle for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita
I played this on the vita primarily and after trying it on ps4, I think I will keep my experience there if possible. It is like mark of the ninja but you are a robber. In 100 days Scotland yard will complete an AI that will be able to stop all robbers and it is your job to stop it from happening. The game is fun, each day is a heist if you pass or fail. If you die a new robber continues where you left off. I have completed the game, unfortunately, there isn't much to do afterwards.

Life is Strange for PlayStation 4
3D adventure game where you are a teenage girl going through the stereotypical issues like friends, bullies, school, personal life, etc. However, you discover that you have the ability to turn back time in the event that something bad happens or you selected the wrong answer. For example, if you are hiding in the closet of your friends and you see that they are being harassed by their father do you stay in the closet or come out and try to protect them? All of your choices have an effect on what happens in the future, for example, I watered my plant too many times and now it died. It seems like an interesting game. I'm in chapter 3 of 5 and while I heard a lot of great things about this title, enough that it is on the game of the year lists, I don't know if I would praise it as highly as others have.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number for PlayStation Vita
I got this on sale because I enjoyed the original and I should have listened to the comments about the issue with this game. Fundamentally it controls the same, however, all the rooms are larger. The problem is that this means that there are possible enemies that you cannot see with guns down the hall or room or area. They tried to make the areas more interesting by putting you in giant buildings or shipyards, but due to the size of the rooms, it means that I die more and often due to me not being able to see the enemy before they shoot me. The story component definitely seems like a step up from the original game, so I will probably at least complete it for that part of the game.

February is a surprisingly filled month. Gravity Rush Remastered, Not A Hero, XCOM 2, Firewatch, Valkyria Chronicles Remaster, Far Cry Primal, Street Fighter 5 among others. Street Fighter 5 is my get for the month and while I will get it, I'm disappointed to hear that story mode isn't shipping with the game. But I do recall having a lot of fun with my friends when Street Fighter 4 came out and I'm sure it'll be good. Apart from SF5, I'll be completing some of the games mentioned above and start some others that I have purchased but haven't started yet (I have a lot of those).

Come back on March 1, 2016 to read about my February Month in Review.

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